Mischief Maker

Hey Momma

Image: stepintoknowing

Mischief Maker  Bright light filters through dream slumber, ultra-sensitive, to a new day of wonders. The unseen, the soundless, eternal infinity, God given beauty of a soul, knowing divinity. A call to a new day, a call to self change, a new dawning, to encounter and arrange. Knowing, yet not knowing, what this day holds, unfathomable, yet not demanding, to behold. Expecting the unforeseen and unexpected, as a new rune whisper; Ansuz is collected. Heed; supreme God Loki, holds this key, beware a trickster of mischief he could be. Give thought to motives and intent, this rune, is a Divine call to circumvent. In sacred knowledge, answers be found, with common sense and feet on ground. God gave us free will, a right to choose, a mind of our own, to form our unique views. When beliefs in own instincts are strong, transitions will be impossible, to go…

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