Good Morning 09/17

Never a truer word spoken in what you have written Nova. Blessings!!

Luminous Destiny

I wanted to share this word of encouragement with you, today. Life is about perspective. This post will (hopefully) show you unanswered prayers are answered prayers. Sometimes, the rain isn’t too wash away all of the evil.. But, maybe to nurture the parts of yourself that need growth.. That need this blessing in disguise.

Look for the silver lining. It’s the hope that might just get you through it. The light will come.

Like an unsung melody The truth is waiting there for you to find it It's not a blight, but a remedy A clear reminder of how it began Deep inside your memory Turned away as you struggled to find it You heard the call as you walked away A voice of calm from within the silence And for what seemed an eternity You're waiting, hoping it would call out again You heard the shadow reckoning Then your…

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