Miss fits

Hey Momma

Epilepsy give a hoot 13012734_1062561400483285_7454922294473057316_n

Poets, dreamers, painters, writers

we are all epilepsy fighters.

When we go outside, to play for a while,

Please do not pity, snub or revile.

Miss fits ~ Hey Momma

"God Spot" That’s a term you come across a lot when you Google ‘weird seizure experiences’. It refers to epilepsy that originates in the temporal lobes, the parts of brain on either side of our head, behind our ears. When one or both of the temporal lobes seize, millions of misfiring neurons can wreak havoc on functions like memory, emotional responses, speech, processing sounds and smells—even our feelings of conviction and insight. This may go some of the way to explaining why temporal lobe epilepsy has become famous for causing mystical or religious seizures. ‘The most striking aspect of these people is that not only during the seizures, but “interictally”— between the seizures—they have tremendous religious experiences and mystical experiences,’…

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