You Don’t Need to Find a Lesson in your Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

“You don’t need to find a lesson in your trauma.” — Jordan Pickell,


1. Because you were never meant to suffer like this. There wasn’t some lesson you needed to learn. You’re an innocent victim; it’s completely undeserved.

2. You need to focus all your strength on your recovery. The damage is extensive, and reverberates through time. You’re not going to heal and recover easily. It’s impossible to cope and live a normal life right now.

3. Just coping with the triggers is a draining full-time job. And you won’t have the energy to deal with other things. You need to take it slowly. Take it one step at a time.  This never should have happened. It is shocking and unjust.

4. Be there for you. That is all you need to do. Don’t try to look for reasons. Don’t ever blame yourself. Self-compassion and self-kindness are your…

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