at least i have a brain

As a child I was terrified of Quicksand.

Every decent film had a terrifying scene.

I didn’t know where quicksand lived but i remembered the lie still and it will not let you sink rule.

a neurological Condition has a series of levels… steps… sinkages and plateaus.

You begin at a baseline diagnosis.

You have reviews… flare-ups… appointments… a LOT of years having to prove invisible problems… and eventually a LABEL. Even then the appointments cannot be enough to stall your decline… and in the creaking NHS the horrific fact that you tend to FALL into the gaps between appointments and even moreso some referrals.

But you don’t plateau indefinitely.


you may begin up to the ankles in that quicksand, but you drop to the knees….

and then the hips…

I have lost partial use of an arm and hand since Christmas…I HAVE SUNK.

i have for years…

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