The time … my husband slept the entire day

Ellie the Crunch

Saturday, aka shabbat for us, the day of pure boredom when you are not allowed to anything fun (no riding a car, no playing with anything electric, no TV, no nothing).

My older has Coxsackie, the joys of parenthood.

If you follow my blog you know I am all about alternative. Friday night older had sores in his mouth and was crying in pain.

I went to the bathroom, took my phone out and started asking for help on my on line community. I never dealt with Coxsackie honestly and didn’t know what to do.

Husband was pushing to give Tylenol which is THE WORST for the liver, I don’t even have any at home.

I was giving him the usual immune boosting stuff but needed something for the pain, fast. Someone suggested CBD (no thc!!), I happened to have some at home so I gave him a drop, it…

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