Prince of Madness

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Happy Freaky Birthday to our favourite Prince of Darkness

Tim Burton

The only guy that could remake Winnie The Pooh and scare the living daylights out of you

Timothy Walter Burton was born on this day 25th August (1958) in Burbank, California. Burton’s first job was as an animator for Disney.


Don’t you just love his dark humour and bizarre stories? Burton is my favourite oddball. His retelling of Alice in Wonderland was fantastical. I loved how he explored the idea, that madness, far from being something bleak, is actually tied into creativity and imagination. Thankfully with movies like this, we are beginning to embrace the idea of women speaking their minds and this no longer leads to them being committed to an insane asylum.


Tim Burton’s birth date adds up to birth path ~ (Master number) 38/11

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