The Alchemist

Hey Momma

Image: Paulo Coelho ‘The Pit where words are hidden’


Hip Hip  Happy Birthday

To the Worlds most Loved Author

Paulo Coelho


Whose adventure stories are full of magic and wisdom, inspiring and changing the lives us all. Our ‘Alchemist’ who brought a new spirit of passion and culture to dedicated fans.


‘Writing is the socially acceptable way of getting naked in public’ ~ Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho de Souza is Portuguese, born this day on 24 August (1947) and is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. 


In Numerology:

Paulo’s Birth date adds up to 35/8 .

Meaning: Inheritance. Power. Ambition.

Inherited strength for work well done in the past. Individualist, forceful mind, a tremendous vitality and sometimes all three. A good sense of what the public needs and how to supply it. Would make a good researcher or teacher. ~ Numerology and the Divine Triangle

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