When it’s not “just” epilepsy…

Epilepsy Talk

At least 50 percent of adults with active epilepsy are also living with other health conditions say experts at a leading epilepsy medical research charity.

Several diseases, including depression, anxiety, dementia, migraine, heart disease, peptic ulcers and arthritis are up to eight times more common in people with the neurological disorder.

And most premature deaths in people with epilepsy are related to other health conditions, particularly cancers and cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease.

Most seizures end on their own and cause minimal concerns.

Yet during some seizures, people can injure themselves, develop other medical problems or life-threatening emergencies.

The overall risk of dying for a person with epilepsy is 1.6 to 3 times higher than for the general population.

In other words, epilepsy isn’t just a condition. It’s a curse.

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