Return from the Edge…

Epilepsy Talk

I almost died.

For a while I couldn’t even read.

My brain needed rebooting.

They told me my heart had stopped and I was lucky to be alive.

It took me several months for my cognitive abilities to return.

Months during which I had plenty of time to think.

Previously, I had a high paying job in advertising, which I hated.

I loved my clients and they loved me.

But I wanted to help people.

It was time to give back.

And my near-death experience gave me the perfect opportunity.

(Once I found the keyboard!)

I went to all sorts of non-profit organizations. No one wanted me.

Until the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern PA welcomed me with open arms.

The monthly support groups were like manna to the soul.

Nevertheless, it was not enough for me.

I wanted towriteabout epilepsy, a subject dear to my heart.

I sought…

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