The time … the school principal called me

Ellie the Crunch

So, I have been sending my kids to camp.

My older is not the typical child, he doesn’t enjoy what most kids enjoy. He doesn’t want to go to the pool, he doesn’t want to play, what he wants to do instead is help the counselors.

One day the camp director stopped me and asked me where I signed up my son for school for the upcoming year. I told him public. He was not too pleased, he wanted him to attend a Jewish school (this is an orthodox Jewish camp).

I explained how my son is “different” but I don’t think he understood. It was the first week of camp. He didn’t know my son yet.

The following week I receive a call from the Jewish school principal. A lady with 30 years of experience in various well known Jewish schools.

She introduced herself and asked me about my…

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