Silence Party

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Tuesday I’ll celebrate 7 years of recovery from drugs. I feel so ecstatic, excited and proud of myself. I wanted to really celebrate this year. Some sort of party. 7 is the lucky number in many cultures, as I’ve said. I wanted to go all out. Then I realized a harsh truth about recovery: you lose a lot. You leave the toxic things behind with the toxins. Toxic people. Toxic places. Toxic habits. You go to meetings, meet new healthy people, build up relationships that are serving you. Only I kicked my habit cold turkey. I never followed up with meetings. Only my therapist and psych. I never went to any groups or joined online groups for recovering addicts. I went inwards. Hermit mode. After partying so hard from age 12 to 27 you are EXHAUSTED. It took me 7 years to finally start coming out of my reclusive state…

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