Preschool for Two: Then and Now

Seizure Mama and Rose

I did not realize at the time that this was a turning point for our family in many ways. My role as a mother expanded. My independence diminished. Our hopes for a quick fix for Rose evaporated. This was when we accepted we were running a marathon, not a sprint. The plans for our future began to shift and adjustments began to be considered.

Our family had to make decisions about who would take hits for the team. It could not be Rose. She was dealing with epilepsy and drug transitions. Rose was growing and developing. Epilepsy had taken too much all ready. This was when I had to step up and be her back-up. I could have played the role of the outraged mom with the child being treated unfairly. I could have been angry or resentful. These preschool folks were our friends. They were scared for Rose, not…

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