Epilepsy Without Vaccinations — The Risks

Epilepsy Talk

I started this article assured that vaccinations of children with epilepsy was a definite no-no.

And boy, was I surprised.

Basically, medical research has proved me wrong. Real wrong. Including COVID-19 vaccinations.

Concerns about vaccine safety have led up to 40 percent of parents in the U.S. to delay or refuse some vaccines for their children in hopes of avoiding rare reactions.

Although, vaccines will prevent the deaths of tens of thousands of children born this year, why are so many parents in so many states making the dangerous decision to potentially opt out of one of the great achievements of modern medicine?

Pediatrician Dr. John Snyder explains: Concerns about vaccines tend to fall into several different categories including, but not limited to:

Vaccines cause diseases, including autism and autoimmune diseases…
Vaccines contain toxins, which can harm the body in unknown ways…
Too many vaccines given together can overwhelm the…

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