Coping Statements for Anxiety

Don't Lose Hope

This is for the ones who are struggling right now. For the ones who fear this will never ever end, and they’ll never get a grip on reality again.

This is for the ones who are in a daily battle. Who feel they cannot cope, and are anxious all the time.

Do this for you. Choose to fight hard for yourself.

Not for your friends or family –

Keep on fighting just for you.

Because you know, deep down inside, that you were meant for more than this. Because the person you will be when you reach the other side, is cheering for you now.

Keep on fighting.

You will get there.”

Anxiety can sometimes hit us unawares. It can be debilitating, and can interfere with life.

But it is possible to manage and control anxiety by actively replacing irrational painful thoughts with healthier, more balanced…

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