keeping it real

. . .

oh baby, how i just wanted to love

but i never knew shit would get so complicated

but oh baby, i still fucking don’t care

for i wish to love you anyway

oh fuck these worldly affairs

and these invisible barriers

that oh i find between you and i

oh why should anything else matter , baby

when oh we feel, all that we feel

when oh we find solace in each other

oh baby, i say we forget all of it

and live the dreams,

that oh i saw us living together

let me feel you breathless, lying over me

looking oh, just so beautiful

oh baby, whisper me your scars

while you’re inviting me in

oh taste me, baby

like you’ve never tasted anyone

keep it in your mouth

smile through it,

while it drips down

let me help you revive

the romance in you

that i know…

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