The time … words hurt (from the dreaded Sundays series)

Ellie the Crunch

Today was a Jewish fast. I don’t fast, i am too skinny to fast, I should feast not fast.

Anyway, husband fasts.

He slept most of the morning into early afternoon (at least this way he couldn’t be nasty to me).

Around 5 pm I decided to take the kids because tomorrow they start summer camp and I wanted to see at least how to get there considering I am still not familiar with this town as I don’t go out much.

I asked husband to move the car he had borrowed from his friend that was blocking our car and he decided to join in. Great.

He said I should drive. Awesome, he always has something nasty to say when I drive.

He tried to put toddler in his car seat but it was too hot so he did what every (not) responsible father would do and sat in…

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