Galway Bay

at least i have a brain

i was asked to record a few songs as a selection to be broadcast to CareHomes in UK.

I am always only too happy to do anything so wholesome. As I always feel that music is a talent you are given with a responsibility to use as best you can. I often say music is best shared.

So my choice for the first song was the one I feel is the Irish emigrant’s anthem.

The one that appears referenced in the Fairytale of New York sung by the NYPD choir…yes “Galway Bay

Out of interest I was getting date of composition to chat about the songs on the broadcast, only to discover was written by a man from my hometown, Enniskillen.

I am still struggling to believe it.

What a beautiful discovery.

Here is his sad story. Dr Arthur Holahan. I will tell people every time i sing…

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