Gilligan at the Lab: Then and Now

Seizure Mama and Rose

It is time to perfect your parent “poker face.” Your child will face many unfamiliar tests and procedures. They will watch you to gauge their response. If you are cool, they will be cool. If you grimace or flinch they will notice. If you show fear in any way through body language, they will not hear your words.

Children learn body language before words. They still rely on it heavily, especially when they do not understand the words. Terms used by medical folks mean nothing to them. If electrodes are referred to as a “pretty wire ponytail” they will not seem like something sharp or dangerous.

Patience is required for young patients. NEVER force or rush a procedure. If you do, there will be more issues down the line. Fear will never be your friend…or theirs. Prepare them as thoroughly as possible BEFORE the appointment.

The book All Eyes…

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