The time … husband wouldn’t touch me

Ellie the Crunch

Were you waiting for my dreaded Sunday post?

A bit late but it’s here.

So Sunday started decently as usual.

Older went to Sunday school, husband went for a bike ride on his own. We picked up older early to take him to a friend’s kiddo birthday.

Initially I was supposed to take older and husband was supposed to stay home with toddler. Toddler decided he wanted to come too so husband had to come too. He was not happy.

We got to the party, a bit late, and older refused to come in. Younger started crying that it was too loud.

My kids are clearly not party animals.

I was able to calm toddler down and we were able to go in. Older stayed out with husband trying to convince him to come in.

To my surprise it only took me 10 minutes to accept to come in.


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