No Touching For Friends

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Lying here with all my tissues because 1) I have a horrific cold that came out of nowhere after just getting over a cold and 2) I just learned my best friend passed earlier this month. We hadn’t been in contact due to one night when he hit me up for a ton of money, but wouldn’t let me know what it was for. Only that he was homeless and needed food. I offered a place to stay and food. He refused both. I mourned him when we stopped speaking to each other. Now I’m mourning the permanency of that.

So, here I am. It’s Father’s Day weekend which means I have nothing to do. I can be sick. Veg out. Watch my Sex and the City box set I got for only 70 bucks. Originally, $199.99 on Amazon. A bargain Carrie herself would approve of.

I’m watching the episode…

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