Critical Race Theory

The Tiny Couch: Wellness for All

Valerie Rice | June 16, 2021

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I bet you have heard a whole lot about this recently, and I find it a little bit funny how this phrase can bring about both rage and confusion in melanin deficient people. For me, it sparked curiosity. So I decided to use my autistic superpowers and take a serious trip down the rabbit hole. Fear not! I will summarize and provide you with hyperlinks, this is going to be fun. Ready?


Well, basically it says that race is a social construct designed for oppression. In a nutshell. It also points out that every aspect of the US legal system is racist because it was designed to keep white people above all others, but especially African Americans. It also attacks liberalism as being too narrowly focused on equality and not equity. Okay, I have to be…

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