The time … my mom got sick

Ellie the Crunch

I avoided openly talking about this but I think now I am ready.

It was December 2019 when she didn’t feel well.

She was living with me and my family for the past few years and at least once a year she would get what she right was intestinal obstructions and would end in the hospital.

That day in December she wasn’t feeling well, as usual she complained of a stomach ache, she would stop eating and by night time she would break into a cold sweat and eventually pass out.

I called Hatzalah (the free Jewish ambulance service).

They checked her and took her to NYU that was 3 blocks from my apartment. I went with her.

This was right before the pandemic but people were starting getting sick with Covid.

My luck it was a Friday night, that meant that my husband didn’t have access to his phone…

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