Good Heavens

Hey Momma

GOOD HEAVENS You mean … that happened back when? but why didn’t she say something? … when he said nothing then?.. Each vibrant painting depicts a symbolic story, bestowing kingdoms of good treasures and glory. She began with a word and the word was emotion, each illustration, imbued with a spiritual potion. The colours, the liveliness, the right actions, each story holds human divination satisfaction. From morning to night, creating from source, each card, a contemplative signpost for cause. As genius in the design of costume and arts, a deep symbolic wisdom, is held in each card. Many have walked within her graceful steps, the Empress of righteous thoughts… she kept. Today all praise her eyes and ears of truth, however, back then, her talents were rebuked. Rider and Waite held copyrights to her fame, what a pity, they never testified of her name. Incredulously. He, had been her best…

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