Bell’s palsy

at least i have a brain

It’s not all about sagging face.


It’s about eye problems. have to learn how to tape the eye closed, patch it and try to avoid tearing the weakened skin on the lid.

It’s about aspirating as one side of your swallow is compromised. Aspirating on your own saliva when You lie on the palsy side. Phlegm that is so difficult to clear.

Food goes down the wrong way. Somethings food self regurgitates.

Making all food one texture

  • Mashing
  • No crumbs
  • Not crisp
  • Not limp
  • Use straws
  • Tablets via yoghurt pot

Pain below the ear. Where the limp tissue cam hang off the bone really. Feels as if it is enormous and unrelated to you as you try to sleep.

And PAIN!.

Internally this is like a mini meningitis. the pains are awful.

and the HUGE wallop of steroid medication doesn’t guarantee cure.

My palsy has been a new recurrent…

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