Wired for Safety

Don't Lose Hope

Research in neuroscience has confirmed we are wired for safety and security.

What does this mean in our everyday life, and in terms of our close relationships?

1. In summary, through the use of our senses, our brain is constantly trying to assess if we’re in a situation that is safe or dangerous. This includes assessing our relationships.

2. This process takes place outside of conscious awareness; it’s something that happens automatically.

3. We’re continually scanning the environment, and reading and weighing the non-verbal cues, to create a clearer picture of ‘what is going on’.

4. If we feel at risk at all, we’re immediately on guard. Everything within us is preprogrammed and designed to adopt a position a position of suspicion and defense. (Since the primary goal is to protect us from harm.)

5. When we’re on high alert we can’t ignore things and relax. We really need to…

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