Thank You Here And On Facebook For Reading

The Alien Blogs

This blog has been a great outlet for me. I’ve seen how far I’ve come when I post these stories. It makes me proud. I had a whole little series I wanted to do back when I wrote An Intro To My Heart (Now) , but there’s been a family emergency of sorts that has placed a lot on hold until everything gets settled. I’ve been trying to focus, on anything, but ya know how it goes. Until there’s good news I’ll be absent for a bit.

But thank you to everyone who does read this horribly written thoughts of a former crazed woman lol. And thank you so much for the private messages that make me realize I’m doing something right.

Right now, I just need my friends and loved ones. Some tea. Time to process. Time to not worry about the what if’s. Time to breathe. It’s probably nothing…

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