Is Your Home Seizure-Proof?

Epilepsy Talk

How many of us have had accidents while having seizures at home?

(I almost drowned in the shower because of the way the shower door was constructed.)

Here are some suggestions to help make your home safer.

Of course your seizure type and frequency will dictate the adjustments needed to maintain safety.

First of all, it’s a good idea to walk through your house and take note of any potential danger areas.

Arrange your home and if possible, kitchen, bathroom, work and living spaces, to be safe should you have a seizure.

Pad sharp corners, include a non-trip/non-slip carpet, put barriers in front of fireplaces or hot stoves.

If you wander confused during or after a seizure, pay special attention to heights, railings and nearby pools or bodies of water.


Living in a house or apartment which doesn’t have stairs reduces the risk of injury from falls.


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