What I Need Is Finally Now What I Want

The Alien Blogs

I had a conversation late last night that made me think about, well, two things. One being connections. The other being the old “what I want vs what I need” saying. I mean, if you finally figure out what you need wouldn’t you want it? And once you understand what you need wouldn’t your wants change? Why is it a battle to see which is better for us? Want or need? If you’re in the right place in life your wants will be your needs. I get the gist. I want to move away to Norway, but is it what I need right now? I have a daughter still in school. I don’t want to uproot her budding life. It may be what I want, but it’s not what she needs. We tend to forget that that saying applies to our loved ones around us as well. Hell, who’s to…

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