Grab Life by the Sun

Hey Momma

 *Ring* *Ring* Gemini: Hello GRAB LIFE BY THE SUN I’ll be gone for a little while, she sighed; then I’ll see you again, on the other side. You know this trajectory is inevitable, our *syzygy is a twist of incredible. There’s talk of retrogrades and eclipses, that you’re a Super Full Moon’ of twisty’s. I’ll be darkened by the shadows of Earth, suddenly hidden as destined from birth. To this, our super brother Moon replied; ‘I’m sure there’ll be pleasantries of signs. As you come closer to the ‘Pleiadien’ portal, Gemini Sun, you’re dimensionally immortal’. In a myriad of interplanetary information, we await Heaven’s events, in anticipation. Celebrate this May journey of Gemini Sun, this her new alliance, surprising and fun. Take her feelings and words to heart; she’s a cosmic child, chatty and smart. Sparkling with wit, light and radiance, in ascension with celestial Pleiadians. We truly are pioneers…

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