The time … I realized husband might have been deprived

Ellie the Crunch

You know my older son thinks different. In every way. Some describe him as brilliant. Whatever. I don’t believe in these labels.

I just know he thinks differently than any other boy his age I know (not too many lol).


Older loves playing with water. We finally moved to a house and bow husband tells him he can’t play with water.

I got to the conclusion that he might have been deprived from childhood happy experiences because he keeps on depriving his son from things that make him happy. I don’t think he does it on purpose, I think it’s his subconscious.

I feel bad for older but I do have to say that his playing with water involves usually big, messy, catastrophic projects.

His last project included making a river out of a dirt pond he created. As you see his projects are always grandiose.

And usually end…

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