Dear Able-bodied People

Running with Crutches

Dear able-bodied people,

I’m exhausted. It’s a fatigue I’ve never felt before—not from the extra energy I use because of my CP or the mental and physically toll of inaccessibility. I’m exhausted because for the past year you’ve stuck your middle finger up to Disabled people. Not in the playful way. It’s as if you set a fire and watched it wreak havoc on a house.

I’m not talking to all able-bodied people, of course. Or maybe I am. Sometimes I don’t know who to trust. I want to address those who won’t wear masks, those who partied inside all year long, those who pervert the ADA (a civil rights law that Disabled people fought for) in order to weasel out of wearing masks. I didn’t see you care about the ADA or disability rights before it suited you.

I’m side-eyeing the ones who lament the days when things were…

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