Bookend: She’s Evolving

The Alien Blogs

I have trust issues. As most of you who did read the She’s Evolving posts before this one could tell. I have abandonment issues. I’ve worked on them. Thought I had gotten through them by the time I had met the last guy. And I had. I really had. I had opened up as much as you can on Snapchat to this person. He said something one day that made me, without hesitation or thought, type “I trust you’. As if it were the easiest thing to type in the world. If you read the previous posts, I don’t blame anyone for anything. I don’t blame him. He was perfect to me. I allowed myself to open up, embrace and accept that kindness. That acceptance he had for me. I embraced the experience of feeling something completely different. Trust. Empathy. Letting my guard down. It was just a bad time…

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