She’s Evolving Pt.2

The Alien Blogs

I’m glad I didn’t have to rewrite the 3 Guys posts. I’m surprised I could just write about Guy 3, The Actor, without going too in depth. Though, when you’re going through the experience you sometimes think it’s deeper than it is. I thought I had missed out on something that could’ve been, not a relationship, but a friends with virtual benefits, UK Edition. I honestly thought we’d make great friends with benefits. An actor and an aspiring screenwriter? Perfect. I did have delusions that maybe… possibly… the fairytale all females are given could come true. Meeting a handsome foreigner, getting swept off your feet, exploring his world in adventurous trips back and forth. Until you… what? Spend all your money, get resentful of all the time taken out of your life, away from family, start to hate each other. That fantasy is only made for movies. I had to…

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