The time … my toddler’s poor reading habits were someone’s fault.

Ellie the Crunch

So, I have 2 kids as you know. Older 8 and younger 3.

My older was super chubby as a baby. I was always careful on what I fed him. He loved chicken and salad. He never had candy. He never had Ketchup till he started nursery.

At age of 8 he is slim, still won’t eat candies or much junk food. He doesn’t like sweets.

Same mother. Toddler, age 3 was born asking for a chocolate chip cookied, not sure how he even knew about chocolate chip cookies considering I had none at home at any time.

Toddler is a picky eater. Happens. Each kid is different.

Toddler eats like a bird then he is hungry after 2 minutes and asks for pure junk food.

I decided to compromise, I found some snacks that fall into his category of junk food (his favorite kind) but have something extra in…

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