The time … the school did some foul play

Ellie the Crunch

This post will be appreciated by who deals with schools and IEPs.

As you know by my previous posts, my 3rd grader received a letter of promotion in doubt back in February.

This letter triggered me and I requested a meeting with the special ed coordinator, the school psychologist and the teachers (yup because this year, in fully Zoom school he didn’t have 1 teachers but 3, and they switched every 2 weeks, perfect for a kid with adjustment disorder lol).

So at this meeting, which was attended also by my husband, we discussed my son’s struggles, mostly writing which we found out is related to his anxiety.

He has been struggling with writing since KINDERGARTEN. I tried to get him an IEP at the time but I was naive and when I was told my son is fine and “average” in mostly everything (average?? Just average? I got a…

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