The time … I went down memory lane

Ellie the Crunch

I do this every few months for some reason. Especially when I am ovulating (lol).

I think about when I was younger and the crazy things guys had done for me.

It feels good.

I am probably thing to have a few of these memory lane posts.

Let’s start with my first crush. Oh my, he was hot, dark, mysterious and a a*hole. It’s because of him that I stopped dating “hot” guys.

I thought all “hot” guys were a*holes.

Anyway I met him on vacation, I made friends with this girl who was a few years younger than me, we were together at the pool and at night (till her bed time, lol, she was maybe 15 and was not allowed to stay up late).

She had a bunch of brothers. 4 to be exact. One caught my attention. He used to come to the pool with long jeans…

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