The time … another dreaded Sunday went by

Ellie the Crunch

What happened today. It started pretty well, husband and older went to pray together, older then went to Sunday school.

When did husband’s mood change, let’s think. He was still in a good mood before going to pick up older from Sunday school but his mood changed when he came back.

I fed toddler pasta. Older asked for some sushi grade tuna we had in the fridge. I don’t usually deal with raw fish so I asked husband to prepare it for older but nothing. 1 hour later he came downstairs and I asked him for the 5th time if he could prepare the tuna for older. He was already on the edge.

He prepared it and gave it to older who said it didn’t smell good and refused to eat it.

That was not good.

I started doing laundry because yes it’s true I have a nanny/cleaning lady but…

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