Flannel Nighties Definitely Meant for Elderly Women: Stepping Up My Loungewear Game

De Morbo Sacro: Life and/with Epilepsy

Well before COVID-19 warped the realities of many workplaces and made it socially acceptable—trendy, even—to don stretchy pants to Zoom meetings, my wardrobe consisted of approximately 50% loungewear, 25% novelty T-shirts, 15% other stuff that I hardly ever wore, and 10% undergarments. Though I pulled these numbers out of thin air, I guarantee that they’re in the ballpark. I own so. many. pairs of sweatpants, friends. Just ask my husband, who’s probably stuck in a pile of them at this very moment.

I’ve always valued comfort more than I do style. Don’t get me wrong: I understand the importance of dressing for the occasion, and I enjoy wearing something fancy from time to time. In other words, I won’t show up for your wedding (or your birthday party, unless you tell me I can?) in my very nice Roots sweatpants and the Frasier T-shirt I bought on a whim. As…

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