Unconditional Love

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

If you’re struggling with relationships and your love life is less than desirable you should get yourself into Instagram and read some of the insight on love. I’m serious! I follow people like Mark Antony who writes the most beautiful love poetry, Loveology, RM Drake. I saw a two great quotes this morning ‘people don’t abandon people they love, they abandon people they’ve been using.’ And ‘if someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they’ll seriously make an effort to be in it.’

If like me you’re someone who has been through a few relationships you need to know that what your striving for isn’t just a fantasy in your head, but a reality that someday you will achieve. You deserve more. You deserve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. True love does exist… you might not find it the first few times, but there is someone for you…

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