The time … I tried to help my (our) marriage

Ellie the Crunch

As you recall I had met with a Rabbi who believed you marry someone for a reason and you were meant to marry that person so basically stick with him/her.

He was supposed to come over and we were supposed to start “therapy” although he is not a therapist.

He has been doing this for many years so he was pretty confident of his capabilities. But problem is I never heard back after our first meeting.

Apparently he caught Covid and his entire family caught it too. But he didn’t tell me so I thought he just disappeared.

He had mentioned to me that he plays a game with couples. This game is called “The { } And” by the Skin Deep.

I saw a few YouTube videos of couple playing this “game” and honestly I was not impressed.

As I didn’t hear from him I decided to buy this…

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