When Your Meds Cost More Than You Can Afford — AED Drug Assistance Programs

Epilepsy Talk

Today, things are constantly changing. Especially when it comes to epilepsy medications and resources.

Some companies have expanded their programs or even offer new ones.

Others have cut their funds, and sadly others have ceased to exist.

Here’s a new and comprehensive list…

Patient Drug Assistance Programs

www.DepakoteER.com or
(800) 222-6885
Medications covered: Depakote and
Depakote ER

Teva Cares Foundation Patient
Assistance Program
www.tevacares.org or www.rxassist.org
(877) 237-4881
Medication covered: Gabitril
Eisai Banzel & Fycompa

Patient Assistance Program
www.rxassist.org or
(855) 347-2448
Medication covered: Banzel and

GlaxoSmithKline Bridges to Access
(866) 728-4368
Medications covered: Lamictal,
Lamictal XR and Potiga

Johnson & Johnson Patient
Assistance Foundation
(800) 652-6227
Medication covered: Topamax

Onfi Patient Assistance Program
(855) 345-6634
Medication covered: Onfi

Lundbeck’s SHARE Call Center
(888) 457- 4273
Medication covered: Sabril

Meda Patient Assistance Program
(800) 593-7923
Medication covered: Felbatol

Novartis Patient Assistance

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