The time … mom’s guilt hit hard

Ellie the Crunch

I had a bad day today.

10.26 pm both kids are asleep and I was washing the dishes and was thinking.

My toddler asked me to play with him today. Why couldn’t I sit and play for a few minutes?

My head was not there. I am preoccupied with finding a way to make money, preoccupied with my older who is a mess, was doing ton of laundry … I had so much in my head I just couldn’t sit and play.

I do sit and play with him sometimes, but at almost 44 my interest in playing is fading pretty quickly especially considering I have problems with my husband, my mother passed away, my older is a mess in school (and home) and so many other things.

I feel like the times I sit and play with toddler are usually times when I was done with house chores and…

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