Things Ain’t Going Real Good Right Now

An Autistic Freedom Fighter

Today at work was not good.

First of all, I finally received a response from a company official about possible Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accomodations. I was informed that my diangostic report from 2012 was too old and that any accomodations would have to be based on a new diagnosis.

Second, my trainer was his usual hyper self. I’ve now taken four or five calls from company venders and have mostly done badly. The callers have almost all made requests for enlightenment in subjects which I’ve been the least trained. I did get one call today on a relatively straightforward matter which I handled almost flawlessly and I could see my trainer full of exhuberance on his Web-Ex screen. This was the second call of the day; the first call was problematic and I put the caller on hold. The trainer grew very pushy and made impatient gestures for…

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