Five Dos and Don’ts for Betrayed Partners

Don't Lose Hope


1. Make sure you get tested for STDs. Betraying partners can be careless about sex. Don’t take a risk with your own sexual health – even if they tell you it all happened on online. Perhaps it did; but perhaps it didn’t. How do you know that they’re telling you the truth?

2. Researchyour legal rights, even if you think you’ll stay. You might find you change your mind later on. One day you might decide that you want to want to walk away. So investigate your rights related to your money, joint possessions, shared property, and access to the children.

3. Find out all you can about betrayal trauma. This includes normal feelings, thoughts and reactions (including physiological responses and triggers). Also, understand the need to grieve, and allow yourself to grieve.

4. Trust your feelings and your gut reactions. If you think your partner…

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