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26 Shades and 26 Strokes of An Artist ❤❤


Sedoka is a poetry form where a first line of each stanza is repeated. It’s also called fun poetry where the first stanza is a question and the second is an answer in five/seven/seven form It is said that Sedoko originated as a two people reciting poems in chorus or in the form of question and answers. Most of them are love poems.

Snippets of Sedoko

Words speak volume when you put them in poetry forms. A mere conversation can of love, friendship or dialogue can decor your feelings.

My venture into the world of Sedoka

Gracefully she carries
her bridal attire
the universe speaks

Round the clock
she works
countless jobs


Flame tree
Spreads its arms
Sheltering laymen

Chirping birds
dusk to dawn

A whispering breeze,
Impregnated with the weathered petals of flowers,
Summed up…

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