The time … I thought I wanted another child

Ellie the Crunch

So last week I started donating a lot of clothes I haven’t worn in like 20 years!

I gave away a full garbage bag but I kept some stuff I thought I could sell and I started posting them on Ebay and Mercari.

I have 1 full garbage bag with clothes and some shoes, 2 boxes of kids clothes and this takes me to another thought.

I am selling whatever toddler is growing out of but it’s a bit sad. I always thought I would have at least 3 kids but honestly, rationally, I don’t think this will be possible for various reasons:

1) The 2 I have give me plenty of work already (especially older).

2) Husband is … how he is and we are having a rough time clearly.

3) I am reaching geriatric maternity age, which freaks me out about having a healthy pregnancy and baby.


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