Of Course I Know What I’m Doing

Praying for Eyebrowz

Sunday evening Studly Doright and I decided to go out for dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant in Tallahassee. The place was really busy, but they were still maintaining social distancing protocol. We had a nice meal and didn’t linger since others were waiting for a table.

We walked out of the restaurant and I hesitated on the sidewalk because the driver of a pickup truck was maneuvering to back into a spot adjacent to the path we needed to take to get to our own vehicle.

Studly said, “Why’d you stop?

Me: Because there’s no curb and I don’t want him to back over me.

Studly praised me. You see he’s always saying I have awareness issues. “Maybe you’re learning something after all these years.”

The pickup came to a complete stop and Studly and I continued on to our Lincoln SUV. Well, Studly did. I tried to get…

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