Male Survivor is partnering with the documentary, What Will I Become?

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MaleSurvivor textMaleSurvivor is partnering with a documentary in pre-production -WHAT WILL I BECOME?– the film centers on transgender people navigating masculinities and conversations on mental health.If you are a trans person of any sexual orientation participating in Male Survivor’s forum, we invite you to join.This forum was created in partnership withLexie Bean(they/he) andLogan Rozos(he/him), the film’s two trans directors.Over the course of the year, Lexie and Logan will pose weekly questions and prompts to allow transmasculine+ survivors to offer their expertise in their own experiences, to add nuance to narratives around both trans masculinities and survivorship, and to explore how the internet functions as a creator of community.If you have any questions about the project, you may contact us directly these themes resonate with you and you would like to discuss the film and potentially have…

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