An Interview with Gina: 3 People who were there for me after I learned about my husband’s affair

Don't Lose Hope

In this interview, Gina talks about three people who stepped up to the plate, and were there for her when she was dealing with a trauma. For Gina, this was learning that her husband had had an affair with a colleague at work after she gave birth to her second son. Gina’s husband had been struggling with the secret for 10 years. He finally came clean when he felt he couldn’t live with his conscience any more. The affair had only lasted for about six weeks. Even so, the news was shocking for Gina. It came out of the blue, and it devastated her. Here’s what Gina shared in counselling …

1. The first person I told was my best friend, Rhona. I met Rhona at work when I was single, and we’d stayed in touch when I moved provinces after I got married. So that was around 15 years…

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